RICS Level 3 Building Survey

A RICS Level 3 Building Survey is the most thorough survey that we offer. It allows us to ensure all building elements are thoroughly inspected and where defects are identified, these will be discussed within the report with the cause and any repair works identified.

A RICS level 3 Building Survey can be carried out on any type of property. However, we would suggest that it is essential if you are intending to purchase a property where the below applies:

  • A large, older or a property which has been poorly maintained and has visible defects.
  • A property that is unusual or has been altered or extended; or
  • you are planning to undertake major works once you own the property.

To ensure that we deliver you with the most comprehensive Building Survey Report, we will take as much time as required on site to ensure a thorough visual inspection is undertaken for the property, services and grounds.

Once the inspection has been completed, we will provide you with a detailed Building Survey Report which will cover the following:

  • A description of the property. its construction, the materials used and the general condition of each element.
  • A description of all visible defects and potential problems caused by hidden matters of concern.
  • An assessment of the cause of The defeats noted and am required we will make recommendations for further intrusive inspections or special surveys.
  • An outline of the unions repair options to correct the noted defects.
  • We will also make recommendations for repairs to the property based on material lifespan.
  • We will also provide advice for your solicitor and details of serious risks to the property which require further investigation.

To ensure that the report is as easy as possible to interpret, we will summarise the issues noted during the inspection and provide you with a summary list of issues indicating the priority of each matter.

If you’re still not sure what type of survey you need, please get in touch.