RICS Level 2 HomeBuyers Report

The RICS HomeBuyers Report may not be as detailed as The RICS Level 3 Building Survey Report. However, it is a suitable survey option if the property you’re buying a new home that is relatively new, fairly standard in its appearance and in need of some attention.

The RICS HomeBuyers Report focuses on highlighting matters concerning your future property which could negatively affect its value – chiefly building and structural defects.

Our RICS HomeBuyers Report complies with the current guidance provided by the RICS and it will provide you with the following:

  • A detailed description of the current condition of the property you are buying.
  • A description of the property. its construction, the materials used and the general condition of each element.
  • A clear and easy to understand ‘traffic light’ rating system to describe the condition of each element.
  • A summary of the risks associated with the condition of the property.
  • An outline of the various repair options available to correct the defects noted.
  • We will also make recommendations for the repairs to the property based on material lifespans.

In addition to this, we will provide advice for your solicitor and legal matters that need to be addressed before legal completion of your property purchase.

If you’re still not sure what type of survey you need, please get in touch.