Planned and Preventative Maintenance Surveys

Ongoing maintenance for a property is unavoidable but the preparation of Planned Maintenance Programmes for 5 to 10 year periods is a service most useful to long term occupier clients. Effective management of these can have important financial benefits, particular for those with larger property portfolios.Planned Maintenance For many, property is their greatest asset. It’s where we work, live, play and have a large amount of our money invested. Whether you’re an owner or tenant, a planned maintenance programme is vital so to ensure you have the resources and finance in place at the right time to keep everything in good order. Our chartered building surveyors have the detailed knowledge of buildings to advise and prepare maintenance plans for you.Reactive Maintenance While it makes financial sense to plan you maintenance, some events just can’t be anticipated. With a significant increase in flooding and storm damage to properties in the last few years, the need for professional reactive maintenance advice has never been higher. Our experts can help assess the damage, provide a detailed works specification, tender and project manage the work so to restore you property back to its former glory.We aim to provide a broad overview of the condition of the property as well as the requirement for future cyclical maintenance. We are able to carry out the surveys and reports as well as overseeing the implementation of works on site.