Defect Inspection

Properties are like people, they can be fit and healthy one day and then the next something has gone horribly wrong and you need to seek the advice of a professional to diagnose the problem.Or, you may have asked a builder to complete some works on your property and these have not been to the correct standard and have failed causing problems within your property.Do you have a problem with your property that requires our expert opinion?We have experience of inspecting a wide range of property defects including:
  • Dampness and water ingress.
  • Cavity wall tie failure.
  • Cavity wall insulation failure.
  • Building movement.
  • Crack monitoring and assessment.
  • Timber decay and beetle infestation.
  • Concrete defects.
  • Concrete floor slab failure.
  • Roof spread.
Before undertaking an inspection we will discuss the problem with you so we can better understand the situation. This will allow us to advise you of the possible issue and all works required to fully address the issue. This will include any invasive inspections or destructive testing required to allow us to reach our conclusion.On completion of the investigation and inspection, we will provide you with a report which will include the following:
  • The findings of the investigation and a comprehensive description of the defects noted.
  • We will assess the cause of the defects.
  • We will provide you with a breakdown of any necessary repair options.
  • Where required we can tender the repair works and monitor the works on site.