Land Registry Plans

What is a Land Registry title plan?

When land or property is registered it is called a title register and a title plan. They support the property description in the title register by giving a graphic representation of the registration.

Land Registry requires that any plans submitted for either a freehold or leasehold of a property;
  • be drawn to and displaying the scale
  • display the correct orientation and north point
  • use a suitable scale (1:1250, 1:500 or 1:200)
  • be referenced to an Ordnance Survey plan
  • show a clear red line around the ownership
  • HM Land Registry Practice Guide 40 (PG40) compliant.
What is a Land Registry compliant lease plan?Any new lease lasting seven years or longer must be registered with the Land Registry and have a compliant lease plan. The lease plan is essentially a drawing that identifies a leasehold demise within a property — or in other words, a scaled metric drawing depicting exactly what area of land is included in the lease.Do you require a site visit?We can either turn your sketches, existing title plans, Architects drawings, estate agent floor plans or digital plans into a Land Registry compliant plan.Alternatively if you don’t have an existing plan we can visit the property and produce a measured survey. If the site is a very simple site it is possible to produce a plan from ordnance mapping, however we can discuss your requirements with you free of charge to achieve the results you require.