RICS Level 1 Condition Report

If you’re buying a relatively new property or you are buying a property that is in a relatively good condition. You may only need to know whether there are any areas which require your immediate attention before you complete the purchase of the property.

The RICS level 1 Condition Report is great for establishing the condition of the property and highlighting any areas of concern. However it is limited in its scope to discuss specific defects.

Our RICS level 1 Condition Report will ensure a thorough inspection of the property is undertaken with the final report providing you with the following:

  • A description of the construction and condition of the property.
  • A description of any problems which require urgent attention or are serious and may pose future risks to the property.
  • To identify any dangers and matters which need to be investigated further to prevent serious damage to the property.

If you’re still not sure what type of survey you need, please get in touch.